Heliex Steam Expander


VAT ENERJI, the Turkey representative of this important brand, aims to provide efficiency by using steam in our country.

HELIEX POWER is an important brand funded by BP (British Petroleum), which designs special products for businesses using steam. As a result of academic and important R&D studies, HELIEX POWER, which produces technological products, continues its activities in Europe and various countries of the world. HELIEX POWER has four different technological products:

Heliex Genset
Heliex Steam Drive
Heliex Air Comp
Heliex Steam Comp

Savings Using Steam

Heliex GenSet

Heliex GenSet is a product that produces electricity with the enthalpy difference resulting from the pressure drop of the saturated steam. In enterprises using pressure reduction stations, different values ​​can be produced depending on the steam pressure and flow rate. Heliex GenSet, which can produce electricity up to 70-630 kWh, is available in three different models.

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Heliex SteamDrive

Heliex Steam Drive is a product that generates mechanical power by the pressure drop of steam. It can be used instead of an electric motor. It is preferred in systems that work with electric motors such as pumps, fans, blowers and provides increased efficiency. Businesses with pressure reducing stations can reduce the pressure of steam while also reducing electricity costs with the Heliex Steam Drive.

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Heliex AirComp

Heliex Air Comp is a product that produces compressed air with the energy generated from the pressure drop of saturated steam. It is 18% more efficient than existing air compressors. Since there is no electric motor in the system, there are no motor-related losses. You can produce compressed air, which is the most expensive energy in businesses, even more efficiently with Heliex Air Comp.

Heliex SteamComp

Heliex Steam Comp can pressurize the low pressure steam or flash steam in your facility and bring it to the desired pressure in the business. This compression process is done with a screw group and electrical energy is used. Heliex Steam Comp is a highly efficient technology and pays for itself in an average of three years.

How Does Heliex Work?

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